• using the Kolbe TheoryTM to support you and your teams in finding your freedom to perform as who you & they are to improve efficiency and to reduce conflicts.
  • As a Kolbe Specialist I support you in using the Kolbe system for hiring, coaching and organizational development.
  • We offer individual consulting / leadership&team consulting / remote consulting


  • using spiritual healing methods to remove blockades and negativity, to stay balanced and guide you and your team and business through any transition.
  • As an advanced and trained spiritual healer I offer individual clearings and clearings of your home and work environment – remote or on site.


  • supporting you and your business in presenting your authentic truth on Social Media platforms to attract clients who believe what you believe in.
  • At JU_nique we offer: Individual advice and social media strategies tailored to the needs of our customers and the speed of the rapidly changing tools. Flexible and easy to implement content planning, ‘refined’ with a high level of creativity.



In a world of fast changing environments – which has been defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity for decades, we face now and in future new challenges which are caused by the worldwide climatic change, the Covid-19 pandemic, global conflicts and the new geopolitical world situation – such as brittleness, anxiety, non-linearity and in-comprehensiveness. We have entered the age of digital transformation and within the next 5–10 years, 50-60% of all current jobs will cooperate with artificial intelligence. In these transitional times, it will be highly relevant to keep your body, mind and spirit in balance and to focus on your instinctive strength, connecting with Mother Earth and using your intuition by living your authentic truth.
Protect your soul in this great transitional time on our planet to be able to have visions, show resilience, adaptivity and feel empathy for humanity.



“So wie zu Beginn der rote Faden im Fokus steht, im Verlauf der Entwicklung von Ideen, Projekten und Events die kundenorientierte, zielorientierte und Nachhaltigkeit stiftende Detailarbeit, sind es am Ende das herzliche Lächeln und die Lust, Erfolge MITEINANDER zu feiern. Egal, ob als socialmedia-Expertin, als Projekt- und Eventmanagerin oder als Ideen-Spinnerin in einem Team – Judiths Professionalität ist einzigartig und sehr bereichernd.”

C. Wernitznig, Geschäftsführerin bei Leader-Region Mühlviertler Kernland, Freistadt, Austria

“Judith’s passion and commitment to supporting and guiding people on their journey to greater alignment with their strengths and their expression and contribution in the world is remarkable! Judith has a sincere desire to help people have greater understanding of themselves, and of the people in their personal and professional lives through her coaching process, and through profiles such as Kolbe. Judith is a compassionate visionary who puts her ideas to action, and helps others do the same by providing deadlines and accountability.”

M. Prebul, Mastermind Facilitator|Accountability Coach at Strategic Coach, LA, USA