The Kolbe System™ analyzes the way people act with purpose and provides strategies to improve individual and group performance. As a certified (Kolbe Certified™) consultant, I have the tools, training and expertise to help team leaders, HR departments and individuals recognize their individual, natural strengths and solution-oriented skills and talents. This will enable you and your team to competently and confidently meet the challenges of the future in the rapidly changing world of work.

Why Kolbe?

  • Do you want to use your own talents and those of your team effectively?
    Do you want to improve your communication, reduce stress in the team and increase your productivity?
    Surely you want the “right” person for the appropriate position to reduce unwanted staff turnover?

At JU_nique & Team, we have the following consulting services for you:

The Kolbe A ™ Index measures four instinctive behavior patterns that show a person’s natural problem-solving skills.
The Kolbe B ™ Index shows how an individual perceives the functional requirements for success in the job.
The Kolbe C ™ index measures the functional expectations of supervisors for a specific position
RightFit™ is a successful tool used to identify ideal candidates based on how their instinctive talents match the requirements of a particular position
Consultations can be booked in the form of individual sessions or team seminars
Individual coaching sessions can also take place online
The selection of assessments suitable and necessary for you, as well as any resulting costs, will be agreed upon in a free initial consultation.


The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique

~Walt Disney