We often spend our whole lives searching for meaning and purpose and forget that only our soul can help us. The connection with ‘our midst’, our spirit, is basically the solution to many open questions in life. How do I get there to live a life of joy, love and contentment?

Passion, spirituality, success, fun, business and work are not mutually exclusive. Assuming our relationship with ourselves and others is not burdened by ego, negativity, fear and emotional heaviness.

Why Spiritual Healing?

Everything is energy and ‘spirit’

and not everything is visible for us humans, but very often perceptible. You certainly know the feeling of having a ‘lack of energy’ or you have already felt how it feels to be ‘in bad energy’. Our body is surrounded by an energy field, which can be made visible by special measuring instruments. In this energy field we accumulate impurities in the course of our lives – these can significantly disturb and influence our behavior and existence. In order to be able to let go of the ’emotional burden of the past’ and to perceive and remove current disturbances in our energy field, it is necessary to start a profound process of self-love and self-forgiveness.

Spiritual clearing helps

to remove the impurity layer after layer, in order to let one’s ego disappear more and more and to find oneself. Thus, self-healing powers are reactivated in this process. You will experience that your environment will react to this and you will bring more and more positivity into your life and allow this to happen.

The great goal in this process

is unconditional love for oneself and others. Now, these insights do not come from me, nor would they be common only in selected areas of the world. Many people in different cultures have dealt with it and gained their insights from it.

Spiritual Healing according to Victor Barron

This decision was simple for me: my encounter with Victor has changed my life for the better and helped me to find myself and my strength. Victor’s spirituality is related to God – Great Spirit. This was and is my spiritual approach too – I myself never looked for other gods. I am very grateful that it has always been possible for me to see and experience God and spirituality independent of religion. In the present time I observe that many people are looking for spirituality – the more exotic it is, the better. Rarely do people in our latitudes want to confess their conventional spirituality; in many cases it seems to be more familiar and more natural to put up symbols of other world religions in one’s house as decoration instead of hanging up a cross, although this is THE symbol for unconditional love. Often religious dogmas and misinterpretations stand in the way of Christ consciousness. It has always been my deepest wish to be able to think and feel without limits.

This deep cleansing of the energy field and body frees you from unwanted energies, blockages and spiritual attachments. You will experience emotional, mental and physical well-being. Your heart opens up and it becomes easier to forgive yourself and others.
The goal of this spiritual cleansing is, among other things:

  • Development of joy of life, inner balance and confidence
  • Self-love and acceptance
  • Development of positive interpersonal relationships

I do not want to convert anyone to any method but share my positive experiences and insights with the world and my clients. Our future will depend on how we live our relationships with other people – including the world of Artificial Intelligence. This will very much depend on how successful our relationships with ourselves are.

It’s about (y)our soul.

Spiritual Clearing

During a Spiritual Cleansing, blockages on the emotional, mental, physical or/and spiritual level are removed.
These blockages are released in the process of forgiveness and self-love with God’s help.

In this process I am only an instrument and surrender to the divine guidance to intuitively get the information that is important for the client at that moment.

Distance Healing

Clients who are not able to come in person for an individual session or even for relatives or friends, there is a possibility of distance healing. The person receiving the healing does not need to be informed about it, if the healing is a gift of compassion for someone. For remote healing, the person’s date of birth, birth name (baptismal name/maiden name) and a brief description of the issue are required. For Spiritual Home and Business Cleaning as a distance healing, I need the exact address and, if available, photos and plans.

Energetic and Spiritual House and Business Cleansing

During an Energetic and Spiritual Cleansing of rooms, the individual rooms and properties are cleansed, and the magnetic grid lines are realigned so that the energies are brought back into a harmonious and natural flow.

Do you sometimes feel out of balance and powerless? Do you suffer from sudden mood swings? Does it happen that you sleep badly at night? Do you want to free yourself from a physical addiction? Are you surrounded by ‘bad, blocking energy”’in your work environment or business premises? Do you never feel really comfortable in your home, but observed and disturbed?

The team of JU_nique offers spiritual cleansings and cleansings of business premises and private living spaces as well as remote healings,

  • Individual session – on site
  • Individual session – online / remote
  • Remote healings
  • Energetic and Spiritual House and Building Cleansing – on site
  • Energetic and Spiritual House and Building Cleansing – remotely

JU_nique and her team accompany you in your personality development so that you can live more harmoniously again, strengthened in your self-love and freed from blockages, and work more efficiently and with greater focus.

Price upon request.

The terms “healing“ and “to heal“ are understood and used in this context as “being healed – being complete”. A Spiritual Cleansing is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnoses and treatments. All recommendations and statements do not represent diagnoses but describe the energetic and spiritual state of the client.

You have to find that place that brings out the human in you, the soul in you,
the love in you

~R.M. Drake