„The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift“ – Albert Einstein

Intuition – what a beautiful gift and we are often not aware of this wonderful gift, because our current world continues to focus on completely different values – of course, this does not apply to each of us and is also perceived differently in different parts of this world. If I look at the world of the affluent and the industrialized and meanwhile also digitalized world, then it is hard to overlook how much in this just mentioned world people have been searching for themselves for decades. They want to grow in consciousness and thus also rediscover their God-given intuition, which has become essential to survive in the fragile world of today.
To set out on the path to oneself and thus also to God or Great Spirit is not always easy and comfortable, which is why people often prefer to remain in the emotional chaos and darkness of their daily routine and habit or even addiction – whether real or virtual. Steve Jobs once said ”
“Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And above all, have courage to follow your heart and intuition.”
I can only agree with this and add that only my inner voice can distinguish light from darkness.
People like the world-renowned economic philosopher Anders Indset give me hope because they have the courage to change the current system by showing perspectives for a new order:
“In the future, in an era of relationships and feelings, the heart and soul will be the new forces”, – Anders Indset.

👉🏼”Intuition is seeing with the soul,” says Dean Koontz. What does intuition mean to you?
👉🏼Why will intuition become more and more important and why do we keep losing our intuition throughout our lives?
👉🏼When do you feel your intuition and when do you let it guide you?

👩🏻 🇬🇧🇸🇬🇩🇪🇫🇷🇺🇸 Nadia Von Oesterreich

It must have been 2015 or 2016 when I saw Nadia for the first time in a workshop on spirituality in Vienna. I was immediately all about Nadia’s charisma, her temperament, her courage, her openness, and her international environment.
Nadia spent her childhood, youth and student years in England, Singapore, Germany, France, and the USA/NYC – she now lives in Frankfurt and works as a design strategist and business innovation coach in the mobility sector as well as a life coach. Nadia has been active in the youth organisation Rotaract for many years.

🧔🏻🇧🇪🇩🇪Patrick Lybaert

In 2018, Patrick and I met at the Kolbe Conference in Phoenix, AZ – we are both certified Kolbe consultants and have been working together in the Leveraging Instincts Group Europe for about a year.
What I appreciate about Patrick is his professionalism, his loyalty, his commitment and his interest in art.
Patrick was born and raised in Ghent and graduated as a business psychologist from Ghent University. He is an accredited and experienced user of a wide range of powerful diagnostic tools that help people understand and manage themselves and others.
In his spare time, he loves to jog, enjoy culture and life and is a member of a group of fine art photographers; a popular statement of Patrick’s is “You can’t change people. You can only help them become more of themselves.”

🧑🏻🇩🇪Marika M. Bauer

Marika and I have never met in person, we have exchanged our work once over the phone and that one time was very intense and heart opening. I was very touched that we were able to find each other in seconds on several topics and I am very much looking forward to meeting Marika in person one day soon.
I like that Marika is interested in spirituality and topics of the future and is a very good and empathetic listener.
Marika lives in Berlin and works as an Agile Coach, Integrative Emotional Coach, Leadership Coach and Project Manager for various companies. In her free time, she loves to be outdoors and to practice Reiki. She is interested in future topics, biology and neuroscience and enjoys happy evenings with dear people.

👩🏻 🇬🇧🇸🇬🇩🇪🇫🇷🇺🇸Nadia Von Oesterreich

👉🏼Intuition is seeing with the soul,” says Dean Koontz. What does intuition mean to you?

Intuition is like an inner lie detector, spiritual bodyguard and compass for me – it advises me and points out what corresponds to my truth. It tells me immediately when I do or say something that was not with good intention, thereby giving me the chance to correct myself. She tells me when a new opportunity could have a lot of potential for my life path. It also tells me whether an environment is a positive or negative influence for me.

Often enough I have regretted not listening to my intuition. And I was all the happier when I trusted it and was able to directly experience the positive things in my life.

👉🏼Why is intuition becoming more and more important and why do we keep losing our intuition during our lives?

The world is becoming increasingly complex, and we are flooded with messages or expectations from outside. This is where I find intuition particularly helpful in staying true to oneself and gaining impulses for a first step forward, such as “Maybe I should call this person about this?”, “Maybe I should research this topic?”, “That’s exactly where I should go and talk to the people there”. I think it’s important that we practice using and appreciating our intuition in everyday things. And for those who care about checking and analyzing – intuition gives us valuable impulses that can be explored and tried out directly in reality. Trust in yourselves.

And about losing: Education is a high good and I am very grateful for the education I was allowed to enjoy in my life. But sometimes it is a pity how much value we place purely on the mind. Where and when do we look at the maturity, intelligence, and generosity of our hearts? It would have helped me a lot if I had learned to notice and trust my intuition more as a teenager. She protected me in enough situations and for that I am infinitely grateful.

👉🏼When do you feel your intuition and when do you let it guide you?

When my head is calm, and my heart is unencumbered. I used to be able to analyze things endlessly. The phrase “analysis leads to paralysis” fits very well. When I was too cerebral, I couldn’t distinguish between my intuition and my chaos of thoughts. And when my heart was burdened, emotions or fear made it very difficult for me to let my intuition help me make a big decision.

Thankfully, this has steadily improved over the years. Through my spiritual practice or active cultivation of my relationship with God, I have been able to let go much more of the compulsive clinging to control, develop more trust in life and myself, and switch off my head more. It becomes easier to perceive one’s own intuition.

I would hope to always get advice from her. Even in my everyday work, she gives me valuable advice on who I should talk to about a topic and what questions I should ask. The basic requirement in my experience was that I was simply open to it and trusted myself. As soon as I was too cerebral and stressed, I could no longer really perceive it.

🧔🏻🇧🇪🇩🇪Patrick Lybaert

👉🏼What does intuition mean to you?

Intuition helps me deal with too much complexity. I simplify and therefore I need my intuition. My intuition allows me to ignore too much information and still be effective. Most of the time….
Sometimes it makes me make the wrong choices as well… Sometimes I oversimplify and then I use my intuition to make a bet. But isn’t this the way the mind works most of the time?

👉🏼Why will intuition become more and more important and why do we keep losing our intuition throughout our lives?

Intuition will become more important as the overload of facts, false facts, alternative facts does not allow us to make rational decisions. Whenever we cannot trust our logical reasoning, we can only make a bet and trust our gut feelings.
Jean Gabin’s words of wisdom – the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know – make us realize that everything is relative and that there is no universal truth.
Self-doubt is making us listen to others and incorporating their views. The others can be right.
However, some people become rigid and opinionated or indifferent. They stop having access to their intuition.

👉🏼When do you feel your intuition and when do you let it guide you?

I feel my intuition when I do things without a reason, without justification but also when I’m tired of tossing and turning. I feel it when I get up in the morning, after sports, under the shower, and when I take a walk. “Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.” – George Wallace
I trust my intuition when I’m I can build on my strengths. I distrust my intuition when confronted with my weaknesses, of which I have many…

🧑🏻🇩🇪 Marika M. Bauer

👉🏼”Intuition is seeing with your soul,” says Dean Koontz. What does intuition mean to you?

“Seeing with the soul” … Antoine de Saint Exupéry let the fox say, “One sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye.” Perhaps it takes the spiritual lightness of the soul united with the power of the heart’s energy which, if we let it work, results in that wondrous intuition. If we trust it, it can be our orientation and direction.

👉🏼Why will intuition become more and more important and why do we lose our intuition again and again during our lives?

Since the Enlightenment, we have believed in the “rational, the objective and verifiable”, we have trusted in our thinker and smiled at everything that cannot be immediately explained or banished it to the realm of mysticism or esotericism. Complexity and dynamics, volatility, and ambiguity – these buzzwords have been haunting the business literature for some years now and cannot be missing from any management presentation. But now we all feel how much these factors shake and shudder our lives and make purely rational decisions between “right and wrong” almost impossible. Intuition – coming to feel and trust what our inner images show us is a wonderful decision-making aid. All too often the thinker takes over again because we fear making wrong decisions if we “just trust”.

👉🏼When do you feel your intuition and when do you let it guide you?

When my thinker is doing what he does best – thinking and weighing – so loudly and incessantly, and despite his efforts he doesn’t conclude because so much is unconsidered or unclear, and that throbbing headache starts to appear… Then I know: It’s time to breathe, let Reiki energy flow and wait until images and feelings appear that give orientation.