„May you find the balance of life – time for work but also time for play. Too much of one thing ends up creating stress that no one needs in their life.“ – Catharine Pulsifer

Occasionally it still happens to me that I don’t listen to my inner voice and put up with being out of balance for too long time. Too many ‘YES’s’ and taking on too much responsibility – too little balance and no time for my little rituals and routine….the body reacts immediately.
And that is what is happening to me now. I got infected with Covid for a second time- too few antibodies because I have paid too little attention to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise in the past weeks.
The parallel world of ‘analogue-digital’ is also causing me more ‘stress’, as it has simply become very difficult to plan and keep planned appointments – this permanent ‘being flexible and open to everything’ is getting to me now – and I know that only I can set my in-balance right again.
This time, my body has alerted me, and I am almost grateful that I am finding time for myself again through this admittedly unpleasant time out.

Ju’s 3 questions of the month are:

👉What throws you off balance occasionally?
👉How do you manage to keep a balance between body, mind and soul?
👉How do you manage to take it ‘slow’ in this fast world?

👩🏻🇦🇹 Anita Moser

Anita is an author and business consultant and lives and shares her passion on Private Taste, among others extremely successful on social media Anita is an author and business consultant and shares her culinary passion on Private Taste, among other things extremely successful on social media – Anita’s posts are simply always inviting, professional and motivating. Personally, I first met Anita in 2018 at the Think Tank Festival in Freistadt. Her hobbies are cooking, baking and travelling and what I admire about Anita is her sense of beauty and delicate things, her professionalism and her positive nature.

👩🏼🇦🇹🇫🇷🇨🇦🇺🇸 Susanne Sametinger

True to the motto ‘Detours broaden the horizon’, Susanne, a native of Salzburg, has moved around a lot, both within Austria and globally. We can’t remember exactly when we met, but our mutual friend Conny Wernitznig us to each other. Susanne works as a freelance PR-consultant and likes to spend her free time reading, writing, travelling, being in nature, discovering new things, cooking and eating with friends …
What I admire about Susanne is that she has a good sense for new trends, that she has turned her passion into a profession and for her communication talent.

👨🏻🇦🇫🇦🇹 Abdullah Farahmand

Abdullah comes from Afghanistan and came to Austria in 2015. We met in Traiskirchen shortly after his arrival and have been on friendly terms ever since. Abdullah completed an apprenticeship as a machining technician in Dornbirn – he works and lives in Dornbirn together with his wife. In his free time, he loves to swim and play football.
I appreciate Abdullah for his determination, his modesty, his loyalty and for his fine manner.

👩🏻🇦🇹 Anita Moser

👉What occasionally throws you off balance?
My health.
After I came very close to death in 2004 with my heart operation, this time afterwards had a great impact on me. With two prostheses (right and left hip joints), herniated discs and the missing thyroid gland, I am physically and health-wise very limited.

Recognizing when my own limits have been reached or exceeded has been one of the greatest challenges for me ever since.
Recognizing in time when I should take a break and recover or create space for myself to “do nothing” is important, because finding balance again usually takes longer than losing balance.

👉How do you manage to keep a balance between body, mind and soul?
Since selling my company, I have tried to focus on those issues in life that I truly enjoy and am passionate about.

I have learned to say NO, to remain authentic and to follow my paths that suit me and that I can represent.

I have also consciously chosen to schedule vacation periods on a very regular basis to ensure that I have the necessary balance to my daily work.

👉How do you manage to stay ‘slow’ in this fast world?
My first, essential step in 2018 was the sale of my company.
One of the reasons for this was that I no longer wanted to go along with a necessary, required growth spurt.

My professional experience in stock market-oriented companies shaped me very early on.
Also, in the sense of knowing what I no longer wanted.
The constant greed for growth, margins, and dividends.

For me, quality of life and health now take precedence over all other issues.

👩🏼🇦🇹🇫🇷🇨🇦🇺🇸 Susanne Sametinger

👉What occasionally throws you off balance?

Variety keeps me in balance: I need quiet and seclusion just as much as I need people around me. New places, tasks, challenges as well as the security of the familiar. Too much of one, too little of the other throws me off balance.
Although I try to live my life as autonomously as possible, living together, the needs of others, the demands of my job often make compromises necessary. That’s a good thing, too, because how could living together work if you only focused on yourself and your needs?
When my children were small, many compromises were necessary to the detriment of my balance. Today, I try to weigh things very carefully: What is more important – an outside requirement or my own needs?

👉 How do you manage to maintain a balance between body, mind and soul?

I can really “sacrifice” myself for something that is important to me and forget all my other needs – body, soul, spirit ….. Then only “the thing” counts – this is not good for me, as my body then also shows me. If I manage to be in nature regularly, walking or running, doing something with my hands like cooking or planting something, if I regularly find time to write down my thoughts and squeeze in a reading marathon now and then, my body, mind and soul are in balance.

👉How do you manage to stay ‘slow’ in this fast-paced world?

I love to travel: Meeting new places, new people, new languages, getting involved with the new. I always plan my trips in such a way that there is enough time to simply do nothing. To get something positive from the sourounding, to sit, sniff, look. Preferably as a couple with my partner. We are very similar when traveling: I’d rather go to two museums less, but stroll through a neighborhood off the beaten path, drink a coffee, get involved with what’s there. It doesn’t always have to be a trip to a country faraway – I also find it very enriching to see the immediate surroundings through the eyes of a traveler.

👨🏻🇦🇫🇦🇹 Abdullah Farahmand

👉What occasionally throws you off balance?

Balance plays a big role in life. Life becomes difficult without balance because if you don’t have balance, you don’t have goals. Because then day to day life starts to get tired and holds you back from something new.

👉How do you manage to keep a balance between body, mind and soul?

To be able to keep my balance, I don’t need difficulties and stress in life, because if I have stress and difficulties in life, I am also less concentrated. A body needs concentration and its soul to keep its balance.

👉How do you manage to stay ‘slow’ in this fast world?

If you are balanced, you get to your goals quickly. You can keep the world slow and reach your goals faster with balance.