“When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born.” – Zig Ziglar

What a wonderful feeling to observe people who flourish in their passions and take other people along with them with their joy and enthusiasm.

In the stress of our everyday lives or during life, we often forget to follow our passion because other paths seem more tempting or because we want to please or imitate other people.
I have always admired it when family members, friends or classmates, lived out their talents very early and self-confidently or very consciously pursued a professional career and were successful.

It is never too late to uncover your own potential, to live it and share it with the world. In my business JU_nique, I have turned my passions into my profession, and I am incredibly grateful to be able to accompany people in recognizing their potential and using it.

👉Briefly describe a moment when you were able to fully follow your passion – whether privately or professionally.
👉Are there any role models for you who have inspired you to rediscover your passions?
👉How do you motivate other people to lead a happier life by seeing and rediscovering their potential?

🧔🏻🇩🇪🇨🇿🇮🇳Anand Raj Bhandari

My first meeting with Anand was in fall 2020 during the Virtual Kolbe Conference – very quickly it was clear to me that Anand was not only the first German-speaking consultant colleague for me, but that I would start and (!) finish projects with Anand in the future. Our online meetings were and are always very productive and inspiring. In the meantime, we are part of a Founder-Team of a European Consultant-Platform 👉https://www.leveraging-instincts.eu
Anand has a daughter and is founder and CEO of 👉https://www.wirdreheneisberge.com. He loves soccer (FC Cologne), traveling, music (heavy metal), astrology and yoga. I appreciate in Anand his enthusiasm, positive focus, empathy and loyalty as well as his expertise.

🧑🏻🇦🇹🇷🇸🇩🇪Roswitha König

Roswitha and I have known each other since childhood – our mothers are (were) sisters. Among my 60 or so cousins, Roswitha always stood out as ‘the stylish one, always fashionably dressed’ cousin from Lower Austria/Vienna, and my sister and I were always overjoyed when Roswitha & sisters took out their boxes.
Roswitha is one of the people in my extended family who was able to turn her passion into a profession from the very beginning. Roswitha is interested in beautiful design and is the best fashion consultant around me. She loves to take long walks and short trips. What I appreciate about Roswitha is that she always thinks and acts in a solution-oriented way, is always full of ideas and is a very good networker.

🧑🏻🇦🇹Andrea Hirsch

Andrea and I met running at one of the Weekly Long Runs- it is always very pleasant to run in Andrea’s group, because not only pace and group size fit, but also the very smart choice of routes created by Andrea. Andrea describes herself as an outdoor person, she is married, mother of 2 children and works in security management.
I admire Andrea’s discipline and determination in running and appreciate her love for nature and people as well as her spontaneity and empathy.

🧔🏻🇩🇪🇨🇿🇮🇳 Anand Raj Bhandari

👉Briefly describe a moment when you were able to fully follow your passion – whether in your personal or professional life.

It is always this moment when I feel that I have reached people and they follow me. It is the certain magic that is inherent in this beginning of a common journey to new insights. When people first follow me because they trust me, and then – without really noticing it consciously – follow their own voice. In these moments, I and the people I work with experience how self-confidence, personal responsibility, strength and freedom emerge. These magical moments always give me goosebumps and give me the energy it takes to lead people to their potential.

👉Are there any role models for you who inspired you to rediscover your passions?

My parents are certainly my first and closest role models. Because they both (had to) leave their homeland to build a completely new life in Germany on their own and start a family. Without a lot of passion and the use of their potential, they would certainly not have succeeded.
Moreover, they are people who, by rising above themselves, give meaning to others and give them courage. Role models who help other people overcome their fears and develop their potential. Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King are well-known examples of this.

👉How do you succeed in motivating other people to lead happier lives by helping them to see and rediscover their potential?

When I accompany people and companies in coaching and consulting, the exploration of the actual motives is a very good starting point that provides the energy for the potential work. Especially in the “business context” the practical application of scientifically recognized professional tools is very important. For this reason, I have been trained and certified for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Kolbe. These are two very practice-proven potential analyses that are absolutely resource-oriented and make potential visible and usable in the areas of “feeling” and “acting”, both individually and in teams. My favorite use of these two tools is to consciously connect the THINKING, FEELING and ACTING of people. In “Turning Icebergs” with my wonderful business partner Marilyn Sul, I succeed particularly well: Following the metaphor, we focus in “Turning Icebergs” on the development of potential in leadership teams, so that as many people as possible can find their strengths at work and in their private lives and thus lead a more self-effective (work) life.

🧑🏻🇦🇹🇷🇸🇩🇪Roswitha König

👉Briefly describe a moment when you were able to fully follow your passion – whether privately or professionally.

I already felt my passion as a child, as I was already sewing doll clothes at the age of 10 and put together colors and fabrics according to my feeling, the clothing store could not be missing either.
I therefore wanted to have my own store from an early age, because I love to see my customers happy through the advice and the purchase of a clothing item.

👉Are there any role models for you who inspired you to rediscover your passions?

Since I started my career in 1977, I was allowed to pursue my great passion of selling beautiful garments as a sales consultant. When I opened my own business, I was very grateful to be able to make this happen.
Today as a 65-year-old, I am still very creative and like to advise friends and my cousin Judith ❤️ while shopping.

👉How do you succeed in motivating other people to lead happier lives by seeing and rediscovering their potential?

In very innovative conversations with many customers, I was able to inspire many through my passion and motivation to live their passion, as far as fashion is concerned.

🧑🏻🇦🇹Andrea Hirsch

👉Briefly describe a moment when you were able to fully follow your passion – whether personal or professional.

The moment I was able to fully follow my passion was the Vienna City Marathon this year. It was my first full marathon. I’ve been running since 2019, the longest until April 2022 was a half marathon. The preparation time for the Vienna City Marathon was very time-consuming, but the training itself was a pleasure.
On the day of the marathon, I was already nervous because I had only run 28 km as the longest distance until then. Once I was on the course, I just ran, ran, ran.
From kilometer 25 onwards it was a bit more difficult, but I always told myself to „hang in there“ and keep running. An approaching thunderstorm at km 38 has already demanded something. A little bit faster was still possible, but fast was no longer possible. When it started to rain at km 40 (very large drops), I gave everything I had. In the end, the sun came out at the finish line, and I managed the marathon under 5 hours. A dream to have finished the first marathon with my personal goal of under 5 hours.

👉Are there any role models for you that inspired you to rediscover your passions?

Role models for me are the WLR (=Weekly-Long-Run) running group. Every week there are several groups here at different paces. Many have been running for several years. I have been running for three years. In these three years I have managed to increase my pace and I am happy to shorten the time of the run during races.
The other role models I have at the moment are trail runners.
Trail running, a form of long-distance running, is also a goal of mine now. I am also currently training for that, in addition to Sunday runs with the WLR group.

👉How do you succeed in motivating other people to lead happier lives by seeing and rediscovering their potential?

Moving, just being in nature, frees me from the stress of everyday life.
I think our group of runners feels the same way.
Since I have not been running for so long, I can only share my experience or knowledge with younger runners (by this I do not mean the age of the runner, but the time of running).
I offer a comfortable pace and am really happy to welcome so many runners every Sunday.
Running is more fun in a group, and I always try to put together an interesting route. One time in the nature, another time the city center or the parks at the Vienna Ring Road.
You also get to know a lot of knew things through these runs and see the city through different perspectives.